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All of my projects, doodles, thoughts, feelings and journey will be centralised on to my website.

Update June 2024 #1

Good afternoon, lovely puzzle people. Firstly, thank you of stopping by and reading my post. I am going to update my website each week with ideas, what I…

Doodling at my steering wheel

Whalley Library – 100 Friends Exhibition

In February of 2024, I was visiting the local library to continue writing my adventure novel. I noticed that they had jigsaw puzzles laid out for visitors to…

Support Artists NOT A.I.

I am taking a small stand towards talking back from the toxic social media platforms. For quite some time, I have been considering removing myself from the social…

A walk through my day

Life can be random. An open mind is random and beautiful. Receiving all the weirdness and random events.

My New Boring Life

This is a project I’ve been dipping in-and-out of, for a few years. I really really need to do more with it. I have 12 subscribers to please….

Pic for today

It’s been a funny old day. Sun, then rain, then storms, then sun, the thunder, then rain and wind, now rain and sun. Gotta love da breetish wever.

Videos I’ve been inspired by

I’ve developed my tastes, style and views over my creative career. Below are a few videos that have inspired my journey in different ways. I will continue to…

Other site links

There are not many link. I am systematically going through my social media accounts and deleting them. I don’t want to participate is the scraping of art to…

The day in images

What a fantastic day. Sun shining, dogs whining. Kids playing, trees swaying. Plants glowing, crows crowing. The day walking, seeing and talking. Much rhyming and lyrical timing.

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