I’m sharing this with everyone today because it still feels relevant. Possibly more relevant today, after a year of madness we have had to deal with.

This was a message I sent to a very special person in my life. We have become the best of friends through the covid craziness. Here is the message ….

“I want to send out a message of hope to everyone across the globe who may have lost theirs. We are in a unpresidented time of change, corruption, catastrophe, creation and consciousness. In these times we all need to stand together and feel the true meaning of being a beautiful human being with heart, a soul and a mind in which to implement positive change. Take a second to embrace the real pleasure of being alive and appreciate this amazing planet we have the pleasure of living on. I’m sending out a pulses of Positivity, Peace, Love and Compassion to the many who don’t feel or understand those ideas and ideals. We all need each other, and to treat each other with those ideas at the forefront our minds.”