In February of 2024, I was visiting the local library to continue writing my adventure novel. I noticed that they had jigsaw puzzles laid out for visitors to completed. I asked if I could donate one of my puzzles and the manager said yes. I was so pleased. It was the first time I had approached anyone about my art/products in a public setting. The response was mixed. People loved the design, but felt it was too complicated. I agree. And a library is not the setting for my crazy doodle puzzles. A few weeks later I noticed a gallery space on a mezzanine floor. I enquired if it was for anyone, and the response was yes. So I worked with the manager Julie to find a week in 2024 which would perfectly fit with the narrative of my work. We chose Loneliness Week.

Today, is the first day of the exhibition and the video above shows the preparations for the day. My fingers hurt with bending all of the hooks backwards so they would fit into the display.

It was painful, but worth it.

I hope you enjoy my video.

Sending Peace, Love and Doodles to anyone feeling lonely or who may be alone.