Good afternoon, lovely puzzle people.

Firstly, thank you of stopping by and reading my post. I am going to update my website each week with ideas, what I have coming up and any information I have learned about my products from buyers.

My first update is about my puzzles. Below is a video I have created to help you complete the first stages of the puzzle so you do not get despondent. The feedback I have received is; it looks too difficult. But first impressions can be deceiving. My puzzles are intricate. But once you start to get a feel for the design, you complete it in a few hours.

The transcript of the video is below it, just incase you cannot see the video.

After completing two of my puzzles, I’ve noticed that there is a knack to them. Firstly, that you would usually do complete the edges. Use the poster to help find where pieces go. You’ll get some pieces wrong. I have on each puzzle. It’s worth checking again and again. The key to feeling that you are getting somewhere is to then choose the pieces that have the outside colour on them.

As you can see this in the video. After this important step, you can start to complete the interior as you would any ordinary puzzle. The poster really helps. It has a larger image than the box.