I am taking a small stand towards talking back from the toxic social media platforms.

For quite some time, I have been considering removing myself from the social media landscape. Oh, that sounds pretentious. I have wanted to stop using social media all together, for quite a while. That sounds better.

I believe that it has become or as always has been a cesspool of worst of the human condition. The constant attention seeking, the drama feeding. The fakery. The competition. It has become tiresome. It has been triggering my PTSD for a long time. I could not put my finger on it until I started to see artists jumping from Instagram to another platform. Then it hit me. Lemmings. We are all lemmings. jumping from one ideology to another. Jumping from one trend to another. For the sake of survival in the digital world.

I experienced this many times in the thirty years I have been creating on the internet. Things will not change, if we do not change. We have to change our habits. We have to see what is wrong and fix it, before it is too late.

I had a message from Instagram, Meta or whatever it wants to call itself these days, asking if I wanted to opt out of my profile being scraped by the A.I bot. Of course I wanted to opt out. It would be obvious that I did not want me art adding to a database for A.I to use and mash with other artists without my permission.

I am not saying my art is worth anything. But it is MY art. My energy and what makes me who I am.

So, I have taken charge of my online presence. I am deleting my YouTube channel, my instagram accounts, my Facebook pages and profile and anything else that is still lingering out there. It will take a while, but if we don’t do something, we will lose complete control to informational overlords.

The situation has become too toxic for me to manage. I need to cleanse and start again under my own name and on this site.

So welcome to the next stage of my art journey.

One name, one site and one idea.

To spread, Peace✌️Love❤️Doodle✏️ without the need for social media.