Each original piece is hand illustrated on 300gsm recycled board with a brush pen, then painted in acrylic.

Each framed piece is only £6

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You are entering the every expanding creative mind of DoodlerPete. A unique somewhere,  called The DoodleVerse – which resides in his subconscious. 

A place of infinite creativity, doodles and possibilities. Where characters, worlds, stories appear as if by magic.  

Peter is in a constant state of doodle. 

All of these illustrations are unplanned meanderings. No sketching, preparing or over-thinking. He just moves his pen and see what the space reveals. Whatever pops into his mind first – he draws a pair of eyes and it goes from there. 

These illustrations are subconscious origin doodles for his well-being and joy, and only a small part of what he has produced over the past twelve years. 

Peter has created stories, rhymes and poems from his simple squiggles and put them all in book form.

This is his first exhibition. And he wanted to share a small part of his journey, his friends and his art with you. 


He has a terribly malevolent secret mission to get everyone doodling and creating. 

He would love people to look at his art and think: “I could do that”, then go and do it. 

He just wants to bring a small amount of joy into peoples lives –  in a world and time that seems to want us in a constant state of fear. 

For the past twelve years, he has been working on a novel about the importance of creativity and is hoping that it will be finished this year. He is writing every day, so it should be. 

His hands and brain hope so, anyway. 

He is currently on 146,000 words and the second edit. Not all of the words are correct or in the right order. 

He has rewritten the introduction forty times.

The proceeds will help him pay for a studio to be able to finish the book and create more art. Living in a little camper has had its limitations. 

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Each original piece is hand illustrated on 300gsm recycled board with a brush pen, then painted in acrylic.

Each framed piece is £6

If you would like a larger framed original painting of a design you see – the A2 versions are £50. I will create only one of each. 

Thank you for sharing your time and energy to read this message, and looking at my art. 

If you do not purchase anything, I hope you walk away, wanting to create doodle art of your own. 

I would love to hear from you and your thoughts. 

It is so important that we keep Peace, Love and Doodles in our hearts. 

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Pete is an outsider, a carer and an artist. He lives in a tiny camper for his mental health and to aid in his caring role.

He has been an artist/graphic designer/web developer for over thirty years but more importantly -he has been a doodler all of his life. An art-form that gives me joy and brings him inner peace.

In 2012 – after a mental breakdown – he wrote his first children’s picture book – Sam the Very Shy Snail. A book about friendship and understanding.

In 2014, he decided to become a more accomplished artist and attended university – to give him the time and space to study – and, in 2017 he gained a first class honours in illustration and concept art.

He knew, despite all the latest technology, software and trends, that true creativity lies in the first marks. The initial ideas and imaginations

Because of his lifelong struggles with CPTSD, he finds the  world a challenging place to navigate. He has no friends, so he creates them and creates stories around them.

You may dismiss his art because of its seemingly lowbrow and infantile aesthetic, but what could not be visualised is forty-eight years of living undiagnosed with CPTSD and the trauma he endured to find the confidence to put pen to paper to save his life many times.

What you will not see is constant sense of hopelessness, loneliness and suicidal thoughts that plague him each day.

Doodling keeps him feeling hopeful, stops the loneliness and prevents the negative thoughts taking over.