… I have no psychological confidence. But creating colourful art expresses joy and happiness. I don’t always feel that way. But creating colourful art gives me hope that I can, at least in some portion of my brain, experience “happy”. Whatever that may be.

The main reason is; I was emotionally shredded in my youth. As it seems that’s a or a children were in the seventies. Now how honest should I be about this? How deep do I want to go? Because I’ve been through psychotherapy and have seen a glimmer of light to guide me, I won’t add any more. But I will add, it’s to tap into those parts of myself they were suppressed for over forty years. I feel, through my past dark experiences and my constant doodling, I have found my happy inner child. And I want to share him and what he creates.

I do also, create a lot of black and white art, and create my own colouring books, which gives me just as much joy.

Why do I create art for colouring books?, you may ask …. it was the only time my dad actually showed how much he liked me. Not love, liked. I faked being unwell, to get some positive attention, and ended up in hospital the next day having my appendix removed. Creating colouring books reminds me not to lie. And if you’re found to lie, lie big. Lie surgery big. Lie, life threatenly big.

I create art to make people smile. To give people the feeling that they can start creating. Art that isn’t elitist. I creative inclusive art.

My advice, take it or tell me to get knotted … Don’t create art for others. Create art for yourself. To enrich your soul and your life. To create happy memories and to share with the people that care.