Update on G.O.G.O’s project 07/07/2023

I just want to thank everyone who has participated in my first NFT 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle project. You now have your puzzles and I hope you are enjoying them. I have seen one of them completed (which you can see left) and I must say I am extremely happy with how the project turned out. You should also have your 100 page full-colour G.O.G.O’s book. If you have not, please get in touch.

I created/delivered everything as promised and within the ever changing NFT market. Which has seen some dramatic changes in the recent months.

Once the crypto market, the ripples of the FTX fiasco have settled and the grifter/scammers have moved onto their next scam – I will be back with more G.O.G.O jigsaw puzzles and a new book.

Although I did have big ideas for the project, it did have an originally simple premise; which was to have one of my characters dressed as some of my favourite famous people and for that art to be on an NFT marketplace and see where it went, then develop it from there.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the process and will continue to develop it, if people show interest in the NFT’s I have on OpenSea. https://opensea.io/collection/gibbons-of-greatness-origins

As I am still a full time carer which is taking precedence over my creative work for the time being.

But, if anyone buys an NFT for 0.1ETH, (£131 at current prices) or gets in contact with me to create a unique G.O.G.O 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle for them, I will be happy to do so.

If you have any questions about this project our anything else, please get in touch with me.

Once again, a huge thank you to those who still love to collect my art and engage with my creative projects.

Peace, Love and Doodle.

Why should you collect / invest in or trade The Gibbons Of Greatness Origins?

The GOGOs are the first NFT collection to be minted and printed in the form of a one thousand piece, full colour jigsaw puzzle. Every single GOGO NFT bought from the first mint, that reaches the floor price of 1 ETH, will receive one of only one hundred individual puzzles to be printed, signed, doodled and delivered along with a special edition hardback colouring book of my latest art.

There will be 100 puzzles, for each GOGO NFT Series, which there will be 5 series minted over 2022.

Each special edition puzzle will have an illustration of your NFT GOGO character surrounded by other characters in the collection. I am not showing the design here, as I do not want the NFT art to appear anywhere but OpenSea to protect your art and investment.

Only one hundred of these books will ever be printed. You will also receive a link to PDFs of every book I have ever created. Just send me your contact details after you purchase.

As the NFT is proof of ownership of the unique puzzle, if sell your NFT you must send the puzzle to the new owner. This is what will keep the GOGO Puzzle club exciting for everyone involved. It will build a connection between each purchaser/investor.

Each NFT purchaser has the responsibiity to keep the GOGO Puzzle Club connected and thriving.

Each illustration has taken between five and twelve hours to create. Each original illustration has been researched and drawn by my fair hand on my ipad using procreate during my downtime from my full-time roll as a carer.

If you invest in my GOGO NFT collection you will be helping me accomplish a childhood dream of having my characters and art loved by an appreciative collective of wonderful people, like you. And yes, I am being charming and lovely in the hope that you get a sense of how much this means to me.

I really do want you to join me in this new exciting journey I am on.

Let us collect, invest and trade my ‘GOGOs’ together.

About ‘The Gibbons Of Greatness Origins’ Collection.

The Gibbons Of Greatness Origins are a series of one hundred original digital illustrations created by me, Pete Jarvis – @DoodlerPete. All by own hand. No clip art, no copied NFTs and absolutely no copied ideas. All completely original and unique.

Every GOGO NFT has rare, and some with extremely rare, properties.

  • Special edition one thousand piece jigsaw puzzle of the first two hundred GOGOS.
  • A unique collection of all of my art from the last fifteen years
  • Original Digitally Hand Drawn Illustrations
  • No AI created art
  • Minted on the Polygon network
  • Low Prices
  • Low Commissions
  • No Gas fees
  • FREE NFT from my other collections worth 0.009 ETH
  • You have full copyright of your NFT. Use it as you wish.
  • NFT’s are minted at 3092px x 3092px and will be sent on puchase.
  • METAVERSE Jigsaw Puzzle for you to do in you new Metaverse home at your leisure.

I will be adding new GOGOs each day until I reach the two hundred goal with a floor price of 0.04, then I will then create a ten thousand NFT collection from the two hundred origins, with a floor price of 0.009, for you to collect and trade.

The Doodle Monkey

The Doodle Monkey (TDM) is at the centre of everything I have been creating for ten years and he is actually ten years old this year (2022). His birthday is on the 12th March, same day as my birthday and Roland Rats.

So I want to spread the doodle love birthday joy and share my new NFT project, based on TDM, with you.

The ‘Gibbons on Greatness Origins, or GOGOs, have been roaming around the highways and by-ways of my mind for over ten years.

The GOGOs collection was created by @DoodlerPete (that’s me) and are based on my Doodle Monkey concept which I created back in 2012.

And now it is time I released them into the world in the form of The Worlds First NFT Jigsaw Puzzle Club. A connection from the real world into the metaverse.

So, there’s no jumping on the bandwagon here. No copy other creatives ideas … just years and years of hard work and patiently waiting for the right time to share them with you.

These NFT pieces of art, are a tribute to the most inspiring artists, scientists, musicians and all-round incredible human beings who have inspired me over my life and have brought us to this amazing point in our creative history.

“If it wasn’t for the beautiful individuals giving their lives to inspire us, to change the way we think and see what is humanly possible, our world would be a less beautiful place to exist .” Says DoodlerPete

So who is the creator of Gibbons Of Greatness?

Welcome to my upside down head
“Doodle” the van. My home for four years.
My son doing what he loves

My name is Pete Jarvis in the real world, and DoodlerPete or The Doodle Monkey in the social media world.

I am not a fan of defining yourself with limitations, but a few things that spring to mind, if I am asked who I am, are; a Doodler, a Crazy Creative, a Nerd, an MMA Fan, a Carer, a celebrated Full-Time Van dweller, A DoodlerHolic and a Jigsaw nut.

In 2011 after many many years of working extremely hard as graphic designer and web developer, and helping facilitate other deamers dreams, I had a complete mental break-down. I lost everything I had worked over thirty years to achieve. I thought my creative life was over … until I found my passion for doodling.

Simply making subconscious marks on anything I could find helped get me through my darkest days. Please don’t go … my story does become brighter, I promise.

Anyway, being in a constant state of doodle lead me to create my most iconic character “The Doodle Monkey”. He has been on quite the journey with the other Monkeys in My Head. Travelling through my the crazy creativity in my cranium, only to arrive at his final destination … “Arty Joy”.

Along the way The Doodle Monkey has helped me create my way to happiness. And after many iterations and much personal development, he has found his place in my life. And now I want to share him and my inspirations with you.

I am a duality. I am a positively mad digital creative who will thinks nothing of spending over two hundred hours on one doodle illustration and I am a seriously sensible full-time carer in my full-time role.

I am passionate about technology and understand it’s important role in our worlds. But as I have been a web developer/graphic designer for over thirty years, and have physical injuries from being at a computer over sixteen hours a day, I also understand the human limitations, both physical and psychological. So I am exceptionally passionate about supporting people through creativity. As I have done in my past career.

I want to use everything I have learned over my lifetime to give back and make sure the next generation understand their place in the new digital future and have the support they need to continually thrive.

As any parent should, I am starting with my son. He is an avid photographer and digital creative. I spend my time to making sure he is physically and mentally equipped to move forward into the new neurally connected world of information, finance, art and success, to the best of my ability.

My way of doing this is by creating, minting and sharing my own collections for you to invest and share in, with me, so I can pay it forward.

So please come along on my new journey to share Peace, Love and Doodles.

What will I do with the crypto earnings?

It’s quite simple ….. I will keep it my wallet until I reach 5ETH.

I will invest in other NFT projects and keep the crypto decentralised and away from fiat financial systems, as much as I possibly can.

For many many years, my friends and I have been taking about buying a small piece of land, so we can thrive as collective of creatives misfits. We are an eclectic bunch of designers, illustrators, teachers, musicians, writers and poets who have a passion for leaving the world a better place than we found it.

I will be on the search for someone who will accept payment for a lovely piece of land using the ETH I earn from my GOGO Collections.

I will also invest in the future of the MetaVerse from a mental-well-being point of view. I will buy land and resources and create a community of creatives to support people who may find the new advancements in VR, AR and online emersion, challenging.

I want to nurture the differences between reality and virtual reality distinguishable through human connectivity and creativity.


All updates on Instagram – @doodlerpete

  • JAN 2022 Create 20 unique Origins Illustrations for Series 1
  • JAN 2022 Research and learn how to mint 100 unique NFT’s with properties for Series 1
  • JAN 2022 – GIVE 10 GOGIS away to anyone who buys a GOGO
  • Jan 2022 Set an NFT Calendar date
  • EVERYDAY – Stop being nervous and enjoy the journey
  • Create promotions for social media platforms ready for launch
  • FEB 2022 – Create 20 unique Origins Illustrations for Series 2
  • MAR 2022 – Mint 100 new Inspired (GOGOI’s) NFTS for series 2
  • APR 2022 – GIVE 10 GOGIS away to anyone who buys a GOGO
  • Four week push telling the whole world about my GOGO’s
  • Pat myself on the back for the hard work
  • MAY 2022 – Create 20 more unique Origin illustrations Series 3
  • JUN 2022 – Create 100 mashupo NFTS from GOGO’s
  • JUL 2022 – Give 10 GOGIS away to anyone who buys a GOGO
  • AUG Promoting a give-away after 20% Sales
  • SEPT Offer ten GOGOs for zero Eth for each month till Christmas
  • OCT Promote FREE NFTs after 50%
  • NFT Each NFT purchased give each GOGO holder a Free GOGI NFT
  • NOV complete 100 page first edition GOGO Book – PDF to everyone

Please find us on NFT Calendar