Hosted on OpenSea and minted on the Polygon network, the DoodlerPete collections are ready to buy, sell, trade or collect.

COLLECT ALL 12 NFT’s FROM THIS COLLECTION TO RECEIVE a 1000 piece special edition jigsaw puzzle, an A2 poster of the design, my 100 page latest, hardcover, edition colouring book and my, 2022 100 page “Puzzliest Arty Colouring book in the universe”.

My doodle collection is part of a huge series of intricate illustrations containing many many ideas, creatures, sayings and colours to make your brain fizz and your eyeballs happy.

WHY BUY MY NFT’S? When you buy an NFT from me, you will unlock my latest doodle colouring book, as a thank you for supporting my doodle art journey.

I will keep my NFT prices low and my commissions low, so you can trade, collect and enjoy my collections without breaking your wallet balance.

You can find out about my art at: and