The DoodlerPete NFTs are a unique collection of digital collectibles which used to live inside his mixed-up muddled-up mind and now live on the Polygon blockchain. 

I am DoodlerPete. I have been working for over fifteen years on this artwork and now it’s ready to set free into the world for everyone to enjoy.

Each purchased NFT unlocks a whole world of doodly real world products and content for you to enjoy, as you collect, trade or sell each NFT, from jigsaws to posters, from postcards to colouring books and more.

Each full set of 12 art piece collectibles will unlock limited edition products only a few lucky purchases will be able to enjoy. 100 to be exact.

All DoodlerPete NFTs cost as little as 0.024 ETH and you can purchase them from OpenSea here: https://opensea.io/doodlerpete

When you buy a DooderPete NFT you will have access to my entire doodle world back catalogue, my latest colouring books, my latest jigsaw puzzles and you will be allowed to enter into a world of doodly wonder.

I will keep my NFT prices low and my commissions low, so you can trade, collect and enjoy my collections without breaking your wallet balance.

Please come on this exciting journey with me.


  1. Launch “The Doodle Monkey x 100 NFT Collection”
  2. Promote NFT collection on Instagram
  3. DECEMBER 2021 – Launch @DoodlerPete Discord Server
  4. Launch “Love will never tear us apart x100 NFT Collection”
  5. Promote new NFT Collections
  6. DECEMBER 2021 – Launch “Doodles Make Pens Happy x100 NFT Collection”
  7. Buy first Doodle Make Pens Happy jigsaw puzzles
  8. DECEMBER 2021 – Launch “Happy Happy Joy Joy x 100 NFT Collection”
  9. JANUARY 2022 – Launch “It’s a big joke to you isnt it? x 100 NFT Collection”
  10. Collobarate with Puzzle Culture Box on a brand new Happy Happy Joy Puzzle
  11. Create and print 100 x Limited Edition posters for each collection
  12. Manufacture “Doodles make pens happy” Limited Edition Jigsaw puzzle
  13. FEBRUARY 2022 – Launch “Start focussing on the fungibles x 100 NFT Collection”
  14. MARCH 2022 – Launch “Don’t feed Dounuts to Dodos x 100 NFT Collection”
  15. JUNE 2022 – Launch “Would you ask a fish if it could tell the time?”
  16. JULY 2022 – Launch “Turtles transporting you through a terrific time x 100 NFT Collection”
  17. lots more to come

I will be updating my Instagram (@DoodlerPete) and Twitter (@DoodlerPete) with my latest artwork and NFT News.