2024 Art Drops

Please let me know if you have found the art drop, so I can update this page to say that they have been found. Thank you. x

A warm doodley welcome to my Art Drop page. I have made a decision to share my art with you all in a more giving and loving way.

Why am I doing this?

In reaction to my latest exhibition and the fact that I felt happier and at peace when I gave a colour book and stickers to someone I had a conversation with before I set up. It was a longer lasting memory.

I have always has a troubled relationship with money and love, I don’t think you can combine the two. Oil and water, if you will. Chalk and cheese. I choose love over money any day.

I get much more pleasure from giving and caring than I do from earning money from my own art. So I am going to create Art Drops for the foreseeable future. Just talking about it makes me feel better. In 2024, these pages will be full of new art and new ideas to share with you. All you have to is find them.

I will be starting in the north of England and Wales, but if it is successful – which is down to you doodle-peeps – I will travel further afield.

I love driving to remote places in my camper Doodle. I love walking and of course I love creating art. So I am going to combine all three of my passions by dropping my art, stickers and colouring books wherever I find myself on a particular day. I will drop a piece of your art and upload a rhyme here to tease you where to find it.

As Jake Parkers from “World Art Drop Day” says; The world needs this right now. We need to feel a little more connection to each other and there’s nothing like the bond two random strangers can make through the act of creating and giving.

I could not agree more.

How it works

  • I create a piece of original art and hide it somewhere. (UK Only for now)
  • I will take a photo of either the art or the hiding spot or a combination of both.
  • I will post the image and a rhyme on this page then hope that one of you lovely people finds it.
  • If you share on social media, please link to my site. Simply upload a photo of yourself (if you wish) with the art/stickers or colouring book – to the comments below. I will add you to my Art Drop Gallery.
  • Or don’t tell anyone and keep finding my art for your collection. It is completely up to you.

Below – in date order – are my current art drops. Also, please comment below for top tips and teasers. I will be generous with my information, but will try to make it interesting enough for you to want to be involved.

You can support my art drops by purchasing my art on this site or clicking the button below to donate. All donations will go towards travelling further a field and giving more of my art away. I will document my journey and share it here with you.

Updated: 7th July 2024
Materials for Art: £275
Fuel: £25
Donations so far:
From Site: £1
From Sales: £55

JUNE 2024

If you found this art drop, please get in touch. It would be lovely to hear from you.

In this place of nature that’s best in spring
There is silence till the top where the birds do sing
If you search then seat to find my art
Across the big tree is a good start
The best time to visit is around 3pm
That’s when nature comes alive again
Follow the stones where the three trees nest
Under the laying stones is where the art is at rest 
And before you know it you will see something grand
And you will a gift from me in your hand. 
Happy hunting doodle-peeps. 

In a village with an abbey and a garden with three fish
The flowers and a fifty pence piece lawn you don’t want to miss
Mr Hindle, the exceptional man of his time, allows you to sit and listen to the church bells chime
If you listen and ponder where the art drop could be
There’s a tree that is not quite the same and you will see
While you admire the branch with the knot and the crook
You may want to snurtle around for my new sketchy sketchbook
Happy hunting doodle-peeps. 

June 16th 2024

A hop and jump that is missing a Skip
A ton on the end will make your head flip
A place known for its castle, its cattle and bank
Many stone bridges, one made from a plank
Where the coal was transported down a watery way
Old machinery beneath a black horse does lay
Painted Red, black and blue, to make it seem new
Behind the cogs, the spindle, the winch and the screw
Lives my new art drop waiting to be found
Comfortably waiting on the soft industrial ground. 

Happy hunting doodle-peeps.