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Signed Sam the very Shy Snail Children’s Picture Book

This is the signed version my very first picture book “Sam the Very Shy snail”.

This is a story about friends and understanding. It’s a story about letting someone be who they are and accepting their differences. Everyone is different and that’s ok.

Signed-Monkeys in my head Crazy Colouring Book

A signed copy of my 100 page colouring book.

This is the first of one hundred colouring books, with one hundred unique and crazy doodles in each, for you to colour and collect.

Signed-The Colourful Truth Colouring Book

Sighed copy of my 30 Page colouring book inspired by the events of 2020.

The year is 2020. The world is in lockdown. There is a virus that is spreading further and faster than anything we have ever experienced. That virus is FEAR. Fear of our lives is making us subservient and subjugated. We are losing our minds, our livelihoods and our health to the global elites. This is my answer to how I feel. This is my way of coping with the madness around us all. I wanted to create a colouring book which expressed my dismay. The Colourful Truth is a colouring book you can add your own colours to the darkness and create some beautiful rainbow light.

Sketchy The Sketchbook By DoodlerPete

100 plain pages to Doodle, Draw, Sketch and Scribble ideas.:

Take anywhere. Let your creativity flow and your imagine grow.

Anything is possible.

Sketchy is the sketch book which appears in my novel – Don’t Feed Donuts to Dodos. It belongs to Peter Poopensneeze. The main character in my novels. Sketchy is his favourite sketch book and he fills him every day with ideas, characters, stories and draws what he sees on his journey. You should too.

The Doodliest Arty Puzzle Colouring Book – Signed

The Doodliest Arty Puzzle Colouring Book In The Whole Doodleverse:  Doodles, Colouring Pages, Puzzles to Fuzzle Your Noodle

Are you wondering … is it a colouring book?, is it a puzzle book? Is it a doodle book? or is it an art book? or have you read the title and know? I don’t need to tell you do I? …it is all of the above.

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